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This is an unusual glass product, especially the colour. While it is fusible, I do not know what it is compatible with or its COE. I only use this in my mosaics.

I have used the wheeled nippers to show the size.

Hand-blown glass which has been rolled out and cut into small rectangles.  

I bought this glass a few years ago but I am having a studio sort out and selling off excess stock.  As this is no longer available,  " When it's gone, it's gone!".

The colour is so pretty and unusual, from a pale tint to a deep fuchsia and as many of you know, this colour is difficult to find and extremely expensive.

The thickness varies but most are less than 1mm thick so they are not suitable for grouted mosaic…. but there are ways to use it. 

 You can glue 2-3 pieces together producing a small tile about 3mm thick.  

Or....put 2-3 pieces on top of each other and then tack fuse in an electric kiln or microwave hot pot. Once cooled, they can either be used like that or cut them into long thin or small random shaped pieces.  Next lay the long shapes on their sides which will show the stripes, the small dots on their flat backs and re-fuse.  You can also group 2-3 together, which gives you a very unusual colour and shape when re-fused.

This will give you striped strips and small pink dots. See images..

It sounds like a lot of work but it is worth it for the colour alone.



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