Hello and Welcome to the Sue Smith Glass Mosaics Gallery!
Here you will find a small selection of my mosaic work that I am delighted to share with you. 
1. A Memory Mosaic
I was asked to include the following for this special piece:
A Swallow, Wren, Sunflowers, Fuchsia, Poppies, Dragonfly, Star Gazer Lily, English Lavender and Peter Rabbit's Blue Coat.
All of these were favourites of her late parents.
2. A Commission for the South West Children's Hospice
This 4ft x 5ft mosaic is angled to reflect the statue of Aslam as the children draw nearer to it in their Narnia themed sensory garden.
The stainless steel frame is designed to display the mosaic off the ground thus allowing the plants to grow under and around it.
The safety mirror and all the transport was kindly donated/ provided by South West Glass, Exeter.
3. Crescent Moon
I managed to rescue this crescent from the remains of a smashed 80cm diameter circle of mirror. I used clear textured and iridescent glass with highlights of the palest rose and peacock blue.
4. Pisces in The Night Sky
To personalise this mosaic, I used the glass star beads to form the constellation of Pisces in the night sky.
5. Water Feature in a Mediterranean Garden, Southern Devon.
I created this design on fibreglass mesh in my studio during grotty weather, which I was then able to install during some lovely sunny days that followed.
This fountain needed 12 panels so in order to work out how long the project would take, I began by making up a maquette. This was the same in size and shape but made in a stand alone design similar to the final piece.
6. Florescense
1200mm diameter Fibreglass base.  
This sphere with a surface area of 52 Square foot took two of us 4 months to cover in the hand cut stained glass flowers, bees and bugs. A large proportion of the work was done with tweezers and with the help of Robyn Melvin-Freed.
7. Exeter Cathedral School.
Designed by the Children and the Art Department at the school.
8. Various Lamps
For these I use aquariums, glass vases and large jars - most are recycled. You can also use jam jars, bottles and old lanterns. They are all designed to be used outside and filled with solar lights.
9. Wedding Gift
To create the stormy sky I wanted to use a grey streaky 'moody' glass.  The one I chose was opaque so I traced onto clear glass which I then cut and used as templates.
The flowers are based on the bride's bouquet.
10. Spheres
Terracotta water fountain, Polystyrene and 10 Pin Bowling balls name a few.
11. Dog Kennel
Roof tiles were made up of vintage china and the walls in stained glass. The flower centres are coloured windows with a large blue ammonite circular window on the rear wall.
Useful for Dogs, Cats and Amazon deliveries!
I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my Gallery.
Please also take a look at my 'About' page and Blog for more info, photos and links to free tutorials.
Thanks for looking, Sue.