Mosaics For Sale

Combining the wonderful vibrant colours of stained glass and nature’s influence I create these bright mosaics to enhance and enliven any garden, particularly throughout the dull and dreary winter months.

They can be used as wall panels, stand as a feature in a border or in amongst climbing plants.  Many pieces have been used to brighten a gloomy corner or simply floated on ponds and lakes for that 'something different’.  Some can even be filled with solar lights for a more enchanting look. Wherever they are placed, these pieces will bring a splash of colour and life into their surroundings.

To facilitate both location and safety I have special fittings and stands made to my own specifications.

I started working with mosaic and copper foiled glass 20 years ago but decided to combine the technique of mosaic with the beautiful colours and transparency of glass to create something for the garden.  Experimenting with adhesives and grouts I developed this process of working coloured glass on to mirrors to create these bright and cheerful mosaics which could withstand all year weather conditions.  

I run workshops throughout the year in my studio in England, online and occasionally abroad so if you would like to learn this craft don't hesitate to contact me. Sue 

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