Originally from North Devon in England, I have travelled extensively in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. I have been influenced and inspired by the different cultures and architecture and have combined this energy with my keen interest in the environment, nature and the landscape.

I have strong concerns about modern ‘throw away’ lifestyles so my aim was to create unique and individual pieces, whilst helping to preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. The discipline of blending both ‘cullet’ from leaded artists and new glass, along with many reclaimed sub straights fulfils both my creativity needs and my devotion to the environment.

My other passion is my garden, so my desire was to produce work that would enhance and enliven any garden, particularly throughout the dull and dreary winter months.
Being drawn to the wonderful vibrant colours of stained glass and having worked with both mosaic and leaded glass, I decided to blend the two techniques to create this fusion of uplifting, bright and cheerful mosaics.

My mirrors, panels, lamps and balls are designed for all year garden display and are water proof and frost proof. They can be used as wall panels or as a feature amongst climbing plants.

Many pieces have been used to brighten a gloomy corner or simply floated on ponds and lakes, hung from trees or even filled with solar lights for a more enchanting look. Wherever they are placed, these pieces will bring a splash of colour and life into their surroundings.

I’ve been working with mosaic for 16 years and had a wonderful time teaching for the last 10 both here and abroad. I am now based in Mid Devon.