On my return to the UK in 2003 I decided to combine both my years of working with traditional mosaic and stained glass to create bright and colourful pieces which could withstand our changeable climate.  I experimented with glues and grouts, which I still do to this day, to find the perfect solution and so developed this unique technique of stained glass on mirror for the garden.  I was the first to begin producing these colourful garden mirror mosaics so have always continued with my experiments to find better materials, learn more and gain more knowledge to improve the end results.   I began teaching in 2009 and since then I have run regular monthly workshops and courses both here and in the USA.  Students travel form all over the World and the United Kingdom with many becoming regular visitors.  

This year I am adding a Multi 5 day Course which covers more techniques and of course Flower Cutting days.

 I am aware of others selling this same course but those are my past students who, while they may be very skilled in their original field, only have 2 days experience with this technique.


Many of my courses are full, most with a waiting list, so if you become ill or think may not be able to join the workshop please let me know as soon as possible. With notice I can inform those on the waiting list that there may be a place available. The 20% deposit is non refundable but if I can find another to fill your place you will receive a 100% refund or you can re-book at a later date. If you leave notifying me until the last minute is too late to find another to take your place.  Please remember this is my livelihood not a hobby.


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Gift Vouchers are available for all courses and items from the shop.  When buying a voucher as a gift, you do not have to book a date at the time of purchase.


Workshop dates for 2022.

Please see details about the workshops below

March 12 & 13 - Stained Glass Mosaic.

April 9 - Flower Cutting.

May 7 & 8 - Stained Glass Mosaic. 

May 16-20 - Multi Course. 

June 25 & 26 - Stained Glass Mosaic. FULL

July 16 & 17 - Stained Glass  Mosaic. FULL

Aug 10 - Flower Cutting.  2 places

Aug 11 & 12 Stained Glass Mosaic. NEW DATES

Aug 15-19 - Multi Course.

Sept 3 & 4 Stained Glass Mosaic.  NEW DATES FULL

Sept 10 & 11 - Stained Glass Mosaic.  NEW DATES 

Sept 17 & 18 - Stained Glass Mosaic.  1 place

Oct 1 & 2 - Stained Glass Mosaic.  NEW DATES 

Oct 8 & 9 - Stained Glass Mosaic. FULL

Nov 19-20 - Stained Glass Mosaic.  NEW DATES  

Stained Glass Mosaic - 1 day £100/ 2 days £170 

This course is for stained glass mosaic on a mirror base and designed for garden display throughout the year.  The aim of the course is to teach you the techniques and throughout the workshop build your confidence and knowledge to complete a stunning mosaic for you to take home.  Choose between 1 or 2 days.  On both days you will have time to make a good sized mosaic but over 2 more time to perfect your skill and to make a bigger mosaic. 



Flower cutting - 1 day - £70

Learning to cut and shape different flowers which will then be fixed to sticky back plastic.  

We will try to cut as many different flowers that we can  fit into the day.  These will then be fixed to a self adhesive film for you to use at a later date on your own projects.


5 day Multi Course - £450

This is for intermediates not beginners and is designed to give you some practical experience of more techniques.  

How to prepare an uneven or soft surface to make ready to use.

How to prepare and begin a Gazing Ball.

Indirect/Mesh Mosaic.

There is a lot of work to cover in the 5 days and this course is about learning more techniques and skills not rushing to make as many mosaics as you can in the time. Please expect to be finishing some of the projects at home. 

Day 1 - Preparing a rough or soft surface for mosaic 

This process is about changing a flexible or uneven base into a rigid smooth one to make it suitable for covering.   This technique is used for many projects and although we will be using a shoe for the practice you do not have time to cover it as it will take about 5 days to dry out but is yours to take home if you wish.

Once you have covered the base we leave it to dry and work on the indirect and mesh methods.  These are just small samples so please keep your designs very simple.  There is a lot of work to cover in the 5 days and so depending on how fast you work some projects will have be finished at home.  During the week I will continue to demonstrate both the indirect and mesh method and you can choose to work on any of the projects from day 3 onwards.

Mesh and Indirect Methods

These 2 styles allow you to create in your studio then install in another location.  It is particularly useful when your location is far away or outside.  Perfect for walls and table tops. You can also make a small mosaic on mesh if you want to send a gift to a friend overseas.

Day 2 - Gazing Ball

I will show you how to prepare a polystyrene ball for mosaic. We will cover how to insert an anchor for floating on water and/or weight for border display.   The ball will be either 25 or 30 cm diameter.  Due the curved surface all the mosaic pieces have to be cut very small to lie flat against the surface to create the watertight bond otherwise they could be loose, fall off and/or grout can seep underneath spoiling the finished look.

This will take you the longest time to complete, a 30cm ball has a surface area of 11,304cm sq.



Days 3 - 5

During the rest of the week you can continue to work on any of the projects so that when you take them home you have the confidence and all the information you need to complete them.  

Mesh and Indirect Methods



During the rest of the workshop you can continue to work on any of the projects so that when you take them home you have the confidence and all the information you need to complete them.  

All materials and tools are included in the price along with the bases:



Creating this garden sofa included Traditional, Indirect Method and Mesh techniques.

Any questions please contact me by any of the methods below or thorough this shop.




or call 07759988236.


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