Believe it or not, neither my home nor studio has a good internet connection but I have now found a way to install it at my studio.  As soon as this is sorted, I will set up online classes.

Everyone is being hit by the economic situation and we need something to keep our minds positive so my prices will remain the same as last year.

If you have any questions or concerns, especially about your level of skill,  please contact me and have a chat, or if you would like an extended/tailored course, this can also be arranged.  Here is my number, I am on WhatsApp or contact through email, whichever is best for you. 

E:           T: +44 7759988236 

Studio Address:

    Oakfields, Jackmoor, Exeter EX5 5HY

Gift Vouchers are available for all courses and items from the shop.  When buying a voucher you do not have to book a date at the time of purchase.  But please use them within the time specified and do not ask to book a date 6 years later!

 Workshop Dates 2024

March 16th & 17th - 1 or 2 days Stained Glass Garden Mosaic

March 22nd - Beginners Mini Course 

April 18th - Beginners Mini Course

April 19th, 20th & 21st - 3 days Garden Globe

May 10th - Flower Cutting Day

May 11th & 12th - 1 or 2 days Stained Glass Garden Mosaic

May 18th - Beginners Mini Course

June 8th & 9th - 1 or 2 days Stained Garden Mosaic

June 22nd - Beginners Mini Course

July 13th & 14th - Garden Solar Lamps

August 9th  - Flower Cutting Day

August 10th & 11th - 1 or 2 days Stained Glass Garden Mosaic

September 21st & 22nd - 1 or 2 days Glass Garden Mosaic

October 12th & 13th - 1 or 2 days Glass Garden Mosaic

If paying by Gift Voucher, please contact me directly. 


Beginners Mini Course - 4 hours

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Learn how to make one of these bright mosaics on this beginner workshop in my Devon countryside studio. I will teach you to cut and shape coloured glass and how to lay out your pieces to create your pattern.

Do not worry if you have no previous mosaic or glass-cutting experience.
This beginner's mini workshop is only 4 hours so I will prepare a tile base, 10 x 15cm, in advance so you can start creating without delay.
All tools and a large selection of materials are included.
Once completed you can display your tile inside or out in the garden.


Flower cutting - 1 day. - £90

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Beginners and Intermediates.  I have added this to the 2 day Glass Mosaic Course for anyone wishing to learn how to cut flowers and then go on and use them in their mosaic.  Choose to do I, 2 or 3 days.

Learning to cut and shape different flowers, all glass included.

We will try to cut as many different flowers as we can fit into the day.  These will then be fixed to a self-adhesive film for you to use at a later date on your own projects.


 Stained Glass Mosaic - 1 day £100/ 2 days £180

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily
Beginners and Intermediates.

This course is stained glass mosaic on a mirror base and designed for garden display throughout the year.  The course aims to teach you the techniques and throughout the workshop build your confidence and knowledge to complete a stunning mosaic for you to take home.  Choose between 1 or 2 days. On both days you will have time to make a reasonably sized mosaic but please keep your design simple.  Glass cutting, shaping and glueing take practice so if your design is too complicated you will end up rushing and under pressure resulting in a poor messy finish, probably with loose pieces and 'grout bleed'. 

If you wish only to do 1 day then please book for the first of any 2-day course.



3-day Garden Globe £260

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily

Intermediates Only

This course is designed for those with experience to increase their knowledge and extend their skill. Not suitable for beginners 

Starting the Ball.

Size 25-30cm Diameter.

We will spend the first day preparing your ball and working on the designs you wish to use. 

Decide where you would like to display your ball, on the ground or water. There are 2 different ways to set this up so, once you know where, we can set yours up. These do take quite a lot of time because all the mosaic pieces have to be cut very small to lie flat against the curved surface and create the watertight bond, too large and they 'see-saw' which results in loose pieces and 'grout bleed'. 

This is a slow process, but worth it,  so I do not expect you to complete the ball in 3 days but to finish at home. A 30cm ball has a surface area of 11,304cm sq. 

Please do not rush this process, the results can be very disappointing. 



 Solar/Candle Garden Lamps - 2 days £200

10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily

There are many shapes of bases you can use for these lamps now that solar string lights are so readily available, bottles, spaghetti jars, vases, demijohns, carboys, small aquariums....etc., and even narrow-necked bottles are no longer a problem.   We will probably be working on a curved surface so unlikely we can complete it in 2 days so you may need to finish at home.  Although I will provide a base if you have something suitable please feel free to bring it along.  Once the sun goes down these lamps enchant a garden.



Any questions about my course please do not hesitate to ask,



Any questions please contact me by any of the methods below or thorough this shop.




or call 07759988236.


Looking for a gift?

Gift Vouchers Available starting from £10


On my return to the UK in 2003 I decided to combine both my years of working with traditional mosaic and stained glass to create bright and colourful pieces which could withstand our changeable climate.  I experimented with glues and grouts, which I still do to this day, to find the perfect solution and so developed this unique technique of stained glass on a mirror for the garden.  I was the first to begin producing these colourful garden mirror mosaics and continued my experiments to find better materials, learn more and gain more knowledge to improve the results.  Many ask why I use mirrors as a base, light is reflected from the mirror surface through the coloured glass which keeps them bright and cheerful no matter the weather.  Not being transparent, as with a glass panel, they can be placed anywhere in the garden, in amongst foliage, on a wall and the colours remain the same.

I began teaching in 2009 and since then I have run regular monthly workshops and courses and it is a privilege to teach students from many different countries.

I am aware of others selling this same course but these are past students who, while very skilled in their original field, only have 2 days experience with this technique.