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    Oakfields, Jackmoor, Exeter EX5 5HY

Gift Vouchers are available for all courses and items from the shop.  If buying a voucher for a gift, you do not have to book a date at the time of purchase.

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£90.00 for 1 day         £160.00 for 2 days. 


JULY                  10 & 11,      17 & 18       24 & 25

AUGUST             7 & 8,         14 & 15       21 & 22

SEPTEMBER      18 & 19,      25 & 26      

OCTOBER          9 & 10,        16 & 17

NOVEMBER       6 & 7,           20 & 21

I am keeping the numbers lower for each course to give everyone extra room. The new studio is at: Oakfields, Jackmoor, Upton Pyne, Exeter EX5 5HY.

I am also planning to add a week long course for intermediate students who would like to go that bit further - planning, design, and 3D.  Let me know what areas you are interested in learning.  

If the weather ever clears up enough for us to work outside I plan some extra garden based workshops but these will be messy and at some point will involve casting giant leaves which can then be covered in mosaic and turned into garden features or bird baths.  

 My workshops are designed to give you a good basic understanding and experience with the Glass on Glass technique while creating your first piece of stained glass mosaic.  Giving you the confidence to go on and create your own work.

Choosing 1 or 2 days will determine the size of the panel you'll have time to complete and the additional day will give us more time for individual tutorials in areas or styles that you wish to learn.  

Glass on Glass is totally different to Traditional Mosaic (tiles and china) and the glue is the most difficult to master therefore the sizes need to be manageable although not mean.  This will give you time to concentrate on the technique and complete your mosaic comfortably without the last minute rush which causes a poor finish and/or loose tessera which may fall off during grouting and will certainly not be waterproof. 

On a single day you will have a mirror base around 12"x12" but not necessarily a square - can be tiles, panel or rectangle, Over 2 days 10"X18", again can be cut into other shapes. If you want to work on a circle or unusual shape please bring one with you, I am unable to provide these.

I will help you as much as you need to complete your work in the time we have but allow you to be the creator without too much interference from me.

The day will run from 10am to 4pm starting with a short talk and demonstration and then you will be free to design your own style.  We must finish by 3pm which leaves half an hour for the glue to dry and the last half hour for grouting. 

All going well, your work will be ready to take home by 4pm.  


The fee for the workshop includes all the tools and materials.   I have not increased the course prices since the beginning of the pandemic but for those of you who wish to make a Garden Spike the spike will now be an extra £15.  The cost of these has sky rocketed so I can no longer afford to fully include them in the price. 

Please contact me for more details and booking via e-mail:  

or call 07759988236.

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