Art Work For Sale

Here are some pieces I have available for sale at the moment with more be added as they are completed.  

If you have a special request and would like to discuss a bespoke mosaic please contact me and we  can talk about your ideas.  I often add symbols which have personal meaning for the recipient of the mosaic, places like Holy Island, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, or coins from birth years, a mandala, rainbow, astrological star constellations or flowers from a wedding bouquet.  If you have a quote, a favourite piece of poetry or a date to remember I can this engraved glass and hidden the design.

If you would like to know more details of the mosaics below, please on the link to take you through top the shop:

Sunflowers Wall Panel - 10x41cm £165, Free Uk Delivery

Red Abstract Garden Spike - 10x58cm - £185, Free UK Delivery

Wall Panels - Foxgloves or Fox Tail Lily - 8x28cm - £65, Free UK Delivery


Tiles  - Daisies or Roses - 10x15cm - £36, Free UK Postage

Mosaic Sphere - 120cmD - Price on Demand

This 4 foot sphere took around 6 months to create with over 40,000 hand cut and shaped pieces of stained glass set on a strong fibreglass base.  It is deigned for all year garden display and can withstand with high and very low temperatures. Please ask for more details.  
I live in rural Devon in the United Kingdom, surrounded by nature, wild meadow and a cultivated garden overflowing with flowers that invite an orchestra of insects to play from Spring to Autumn.
This inspired me to create a unique, large piece for exhibition, portraying the intricate, complex and vital role of bees, insects and flowers in our existence. This large colourful sphere represents our world and is created by small uncountable pieces which together, illustrate the continuation of life and where it all began………in 'The Garden'