Hooks for Hanging Tile and Panel Mosaics

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For smaller mosaic panels and tiles I use various sizes of D Rings.  For longer tiles/panels, under 50cms, I will use 2 to stop the wind catching them. Anything larger and heavier I recommend the Glass Mosaic Display Fixing Clips or Garden Display Stands.


Many adhesives are not suitable for the reflective backing on mirrors, they will "eat" and damage the delicate paint surface.    If a glue is NOT suitable for mirror it will be listed in the information on the back. See below for some recommendations. 

Look for a waterproof grab style adhesive.  I do not sell these adhesives but here are some suggestions:

For Australia contact www.merlinmosaica.com for local recommendations: 

No More Nails Waterproof, Dowsil 817, EverBuild Mirror Mate, Loctite PL530 Mirror, Marble & Granite (Walmart), Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive LN-930, Gorilla Glue Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive.

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