Self Adhesive Vinyl for Mosaic Craft

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Self Adhesive Transparent Vinyl for Mosaic Craft.
40cm x 50cm

This sticky vinyl will help you follow a design underneath, holding the pieces in place as you work. It is particularly valuable when working on mosaic portraiture or colour matching a photo. See images.

I also use this to hold and store pre-cut glass flower layouts for later use. 

It is primarily used for the Double Indirect Method......
Place the image on a board, cover with the vinyl, sticky side up. You can now colour match your mosaic tessera to the image below. However, because the glass is different on both sides you now have the right side face up. Place another piece of vinyl over your work, sticky side down making sure all pieces are attached. Gently turn over and remove the original vinyl. Now you are ready to fix to your base with the correct side uppermost.

I also use this when cutting a design for a piece of work. When I am happy with the design I cover it with a piece of vinyl. This can now wait in a box, away from dust, until I am ready to place into the mosaic.

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