Mosaic Mesh

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Not Sticky Mesh.

This mesh is used with adhesive. 

40cm wide, sold by the meter.  

This can be sold in 100cm wide but will need to be folded to fit Royal Mail Parcel sizes.  Alternatively, I can use a courier so do please contact me for a quote if you would like a different width.

Mesh size 4x4mm

An easy answer for a large, or small, exterior installation. Create the mosaic in your studio on the mesh and transport to the location and install.

You may need to cut the design once on the mesh to make transport and installing easier/ less heavy.

It is also a great way to send a mosaic gift to a friend or community project.  Create the mosaic on the mesh and post with instructions for installation.

How to use:
Fix your design to a board, cover with clear plastic, then place you mesh over the top and tape it all down so it stays in place while you are working.

Many use PVA but my recommendation is to use a waterproof adhesive to fix your tessera to the mesh. Once dry, peel the plastic from the back, cut off the excess mesh from around the edges and then using a tile adhesive install your mosaic design. Leave to dry, grout.

You can also soak strips in a watered down tile adhesive to cover/wrap and change a shape or to smooth out a textured surface to make it rigid and suitable for mosaic.

See images of how I use this product. I created the work in my studio in winter and installed on a lovely sunny day.




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