SPECIAL OFFERE!!! Offcuts, 1000g (1Kilo) of Scrap and Glass Cullet- SALE

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This listing is for 1000g (1K) of mixed size and colour 3mm thick stained glass offcuts suitable for mosaic.
Please see the images for the scale.

The colours are predominantly more traditional - blues, greens, ambers, purples, and whites with some reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and colourless textured glass.

This glass ‘cullet’ is generated from my work and studio workshops so there may be pens marks, glue or even copper foil which will need cleaning before use. I will try to remove pieces that are too messy. 

I use this glass for my garden mosaics, no piece is too small to use, see images below for ideas.  You can find more designs and ideas through my website, social media pages or free tutorials on my YouTube channel:

If you are an international customer or would like larger quantities please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to find an estimate for you.

This contains sharp items and is not suitable for children.

Sparkling Crescent Moon from Clear Textured and touches of Pale Pink and Blue, Mirror, White.  Abstract Multi Coloured Mirror Frame.


Long Garden Panels.


Bunting Fags and Crocosmia Flowers.


Shoals of Tiny Fish.

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