Glass Mosaic Display Fixing Clips

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Glass Mosaic Display Fixing Set

I have these made by an engineer to enable me to fix my glass mosaics to a wall or fence but they can be used to fit any mosaic panel.

They are designed to hold up to 12mm thick glass and made from stainless steel to avoid rusting.  They are simple to fit and while they hold the mosaic tightly can easily be undone and reused if you wish to move your work.

They come with diagram instructions, soft glass cushion pads and washers but screws are not included.  Different types and sizes will be needed according to the your placement. 

There 4 pieces to each set, small ones which fit along the base and 2 longer ones which slide in at the sides to hold the glass or panel.  The blue pads can be placed on to the back of the mirror/panel and cut in half to fit in the brackets helping to keep the mirror fitting snugly.  See images. 

Can be used for round shapes as well.


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