Blank Mosaic Bases

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Blank Shapes Only

These blank shapes are cut from 3mm transparent acrylic/perspex for you to mosaic in any design or colours you choose.

As you can see from the photos, I have worked one set of Blue Tits and Lindsey, who is fairly new to the craft, has made up the Swallows to show how they can be turned into super little mosaics.  Hang from a branch in the garden or fix to an interior window using clear double sided tape.

Each side is covered in protective film to prevent it becoming scratched while you are working.  I only remove the side on which I am going to work while leaving the other in place to draw a rough outline to help me work out my design, see Bumblebee image below.  Once your mosaic is complete, grouted and cleaned remove the other film.  Gentry smooth the edges of the glass using a coarse emery board, whet stone or grinding pad to remove any sharp edges.

Coarse emery boards are being added to the shop but just ask if you cannot find them.

Some ideas for you..........



Choose from:

Blue Tits, set of 3  - 21x15cm, 16x14cm, 16x12cm.

1 x Robin - 16.5 x 7 cm

1 x Mini Bunting Flags - 10cm

1 x Large Bunting Flag 15x15cm

1 x Rainbows - 10x20cm

1 x Heart  - 14.5x15cm

1 x Humming Bird/King Fisher - 16x15.5cm

1 x Dove - 17x10cm

1 x Sun Catcher - Coaster - 8x8cm. Star - Circle/Bauble

1 x Thin Panel - 29.7x9.7cm

Suggested extras: Coarse Emery Polishing Board, Stixall Adhesive, Mosaic Nippers, Glass Hobby Box, F.A.B.S.

Glue and glass not included.