Millefiori Flower Beads 5-6mm, 1 strand, approx 56-58 flowers.

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Beautiful Millefiori Flower Beads

Each strand features approximately 56-58 exquisite 5-6mm flower beads. 

Their flat side allows easy glueing into your artwork, and the inconspicuous hole placement ensures seamless integration into your mosaic.

 The smaller beads are ideal for creating flower centres, while the larger ones can be scattered throughout the green background to mimic the appearance of tiny flowers nestled in the foliage: Pimpernel, Forget-Me-Nots, Herb Robert, Daisies and are…… 

They can also be used for the centres of Cherry Blossom and Delphiniums or cut into tiny stamens.

Group them for Hydrangea, Cow Parsley, Gypsophila, and Ivy flowers….

These beads add delightful intricacy to your creations, elevating your art with their charming detail.


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