Millefiori Slices,30g, C104, LIMITED PRODUCT

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I love these and add them to most of my work  They are pricey, so tend to use them sparingly which, to me, makes them them stand out more.

Sizes from 4-10mm and a 30g.  They are cut using wheeled mosaic nippers and are often uneven. 

I use them as they are or tack fuse the slices in an electric kiln or 6-8 minutes in a which I then add to my mosaics.  

Due to the uneven shapes of these, add a dot of glue to fix them in place. I scatter these through my the green background of my mosaics to give the idea of tiny flowers  as use as flower centres, seed pods and buds.  Blue and green can also be used as bubbles in a water scene or just add for shape and interest.  So many different uses.



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