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As many of you find when you want buy something the cost of postage is horrible.  Most companies have taken the opportunity since the pandemic to raise the cost  into the stratosphere, especially for international.  

Because of this you may see £999,999,999.00 postage when you go to checkout.  We set this up to try to prompt you to contact me so that I can search for a cheaper alternative.

I have recently come across a company who will send international parcels at a much cheaper rate but in order to be eligible for this discount I need to send more than one parcel at a time.  Each parcel reduces part of the cost so it may take a bit longer until there are several international parcels to be sent.  However, they are a courier company so once dispatched, your parcel will only take around 8 days.

I know this sounds a bit confusing but if you are an international customer please ask and I will find out the carriage costs for you. 

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