Offcuts, Scrap and Cullet Glass

Offcuts, Scrap and Cullet are the smaller pieces of glass leftover from my workshops.  These will often have pen, glue or even copper foil marks left and will need cleaning before use. 

 Sizes vary so please see images for the individual listing.

I encourage everyone not to discard small scraps because they can be so used for so many different things and saves you cutting into larger pieces.  Here are some of the ways I use the small-medium scraps:

Greens for leafy backgrounds and all colours candle lamps.


Mixed yellows and oranges for flower centre's, shoals of tiny fish, Crocosmia and scattering through the mixed green background to add a hint of small flowers amongst the grasses. 


Blues for sky and water, flowers and mixed colours for rainbows.  


Pinks and purples for bunting flags and small flowers.

Ambers and browns for bird feathers, sunflower centres and tree bark.