New Product - Stained Glass Offcuts for Mosaic

Posted by Sue Smith on


Not being able to run many workshops over the last 2 years I have built up a lot of coloured glass offcuts.  I am selling in 2 sizes, 1 Kilo and 3 Kilo but please ask if you want more or less.

The colours are predominantly more traditional -  blues, greens, ambers, purples, and whites with some reds, pinks, oranges, yellows and colourless textured glass.

This glass ‘cullet’ is generated from my work and studio workshops so there may be pens marks, glue or even copper foil which will need cleaning before use.  I will try to remove pieces that are too messy but to compensate for any you cannot use I will add an extra 100g to each parcel. So you will receive 1100g or 3100g in total depending on your order.

I use this glass for all my mosaics, no piece is too small to use, you can find designs and ideas through my website, social media pages or free tutorials on my YouTube channel.

As usual the international postage is horribly expensive but I am always happy to do some research to find a cheaper route.  Recently I came across a much better deal especially to the USA, please see other News for full information.

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